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Who we are

We are one of the leading Oil and Gas Companies in Mangistau region, Aktau city, Aktau, with a BIN: 050340008331 creating importance across the hydrocarbon chain, and delivering societal and economic benefits to people and communities around the nation who rely on the vital energy we refine.

We are committed to our people and our clients working to provide excellent service safely and effectively on every work/project within the area which we work

We are committed to playing the most significant role in the energy transition. We have a responsibility to help achieve a net-zero economy, and our people are working tirelessly to help solve the sustainability challenges.

As a vertically integrated Oil and Gas Company, we are accounting around 3% of the world’s oil production and around 1.5% of the proved hydrocarbon reserves.

Our mission is to make the energy of natural resources serve the interests of people, to efficiently and responsibly develop the unique hydrocarbon fields entrusted to us by providing company growth, the state of its employees and community as a whole.

Our mission that keep us strong

We believe in the strength of energy to turn lives, motivate communities, advance human progress and planet sustainability

We are focused on driving energy efficiency and addressing global emissions. Being the best and the leading oil and gas company, we believe we are excellent and qualified to make effective contributions.

As one of the best oil and gas companies, we have an awesome record and have already demonstrated the potential of technology to bring down or reduce emissions from both stationary and mobile sources. Our successes, along with strategies, have immensely given us great results.

Our Vision

We’re explorers at heart. We drive to uncover the next frontier or solve the next great problem that lies at the heart of every determination to succeed.

Our well-known reputation for reliability has earned us a respected name in the Oil and gas industry. Whether you are tapping into oil or extracting gas, our expertise in engineering can help you reach that goal.  

We are extremely focused on delivering greater results, creating additional organizational resilience, enabling continued growth, and developing future-proofing technology solutions.

Our Value

Over the past decades, KRS Oil and Gas transformation journey has taken the company from a local oil refining company to becoming a leader in renewable and circular solutions.

Our goals and objectives pushes us forward to search for new ways to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, and to innovate circular solutions to reuse carbon again and again. 

We participate in the development of our industry together with relevant associations and actively engage in open dialogue with all our stakeholders. We support the work of legislators and other decision makers by offering expertise and information from our field to support decision making.

We care for the environment, society and the generations to come while being responsible for driving a successful enterprise.

We care about the safety and wellbeing of each other and people around us.

We include and welcome everyone on this journey, caring for diversity and everyone’s right to be their own true selves.

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Company’s ethics and compliance

Our ethics and compliance principles are deeply embedded within our corporate culture and form the basis for a suite of policies, codes and guidelines that guide and inform our employees as they implement the company’s business strategy and principles.

Our compliance programs serve as the basis against which we measure our performance and that of our partners — contractors, consultants, suppliers, affiliates and joint ventures within the country.

Our Corporate Compliance department is responsible for the further development, support, and monitoring of the compliance program, and for following external legal and regulatory developments.

Code of business conduct

As a company,employees or people, our behavior is what defines us. Everything we do is managed by our Values: integrity, excellence, safety, accountability, and citizenship. Our Values are the foundation of Our Code of Business Conduct and the way we do business. When faced with any choices, we consider how each option corresponds with these values.

The essence of Our Code of Business Conduct is to help us fulfill the ethical commitments we have made to each other, our Company, our stakeholders, and we as individuals.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct pointed out mandatory policies on environmental, health, and safety issues, fair trade practices, ethical sourcing, monitoring, and compliance. Our Supplier Code of Conduct promotes our values as a company and extends and maintains our ethical standards across our supplier network, enabling long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Oversight and Governance

We have implemented an internal governance model for sustainability to align our sustainability aspirations with our business plan and goals.

Leadership, direction, and oversight with respect to our risk management, risk tolerance, risk framework and risk strategy;

Governance and management of strategic and operational risks and sustainability; and

Fostering a culture that emphasizes and demonstrates the benefits of risk management.

The team is responsible for identifying and managing sustainability issues and their impact on value creation. It informs investment and business decisions and vary them with sustainability commitments, provides a platform for the management of cross-business issues, and fosters a mutual understanding of corporate sustainability for strategy development, operations, and external communications. 

This includes monitoring performance targets at the company and organizational level, driving internal alignment, and supporting external stakeholder engagement and public reporting.

This oversight model provides for accountability, transparency, and responsibility at all levels. It also enables us to identify and address the key issues and opportunities to integrate sustainability principles within business strategy and align sustainability targets with business objectives.